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Diamond Birthstone

Diamond Birthstone and the Month of April

The author of this quote is unknown: “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” We love the authenticity and rare extravagance we find while working with gemstones – each is different in shape, colour or clarity, and each is beautifully suitable to an individual. The diamond as a birthstone carries indestructible energy, and it speaks of strength, health and love. Our range of quality gemstones offer you the opportunity to own and create a signature piece for yourself. With free delivery, a 100% guarantee and various payment options – the time is now!

An Easy Guide To How Diamonds are Formed

There is no denying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Associated with royalty and riches, the diamond birthstone month is April. Let’s dive into understanding how diamonds are formed:

  • Conditions of intense heat and pressure cause carbon atoms to crystallise, forming diamonds, and probably why the Greek word for a diamond is “Adamas”, which means “invincible”.
  • These conditions happen 150-200km below the surface of the earth. Temperatures vary between 900-1,300 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is 50 000 times that of the atmosphere on the earth’s surface.
  • Magma, under these conditions, forms a pipe as it carves a path to the earth’s surface. These pipes are called ‘Kimberlites’, inspired by the town of Kimberley in South Africa.

Associated With a Diamond, the April Birthstone

Gemstones are linked to healing and therapeutic energy to the individuals wearing them. Whether you believe this is entirely your choice, but let’s explore other elements also associated with diamond and its birth month, April:

  • Birthstones can be grouped according to a traditional or modern meanings. Diamonds, however, are found on both lists as the April birthstone, and they are priced according to the four C’s: carat weight, colour, cut and clarity.
  • Due to the pressure during formation, diamonds are associated with strength and eternal love. Those born under the zodiac sign for April, Aries, are seen as strong and determined individuals and in ancient times they believed diamonds affected clarity and balance positively, raising the wearer’s energy.
  • Diamonds come in various colours, namely red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, purple, brown, violet, grey, black and the ever-popular white diamond. With this range, every April-born individual can have their pick of a diamond suitable to their taste.

About KittyCat Gems

What started as our passion and interest has grown to a line of stylish and exquisite gemstones as our family business. We aim to design individual pieces suitable for the elegant individual. Your individuality is expressed through your actions, wardrobe, hairstyle and accessories – adding a uniquely crafted stone to your style is almost a necessity to express positive energy and joy.

Our ranges are limited edition, excellent quality, authentic stones. Our offering includes free shipping, a money-back guarantee and various payment options. Contact us today for superb craftsmanship and brilliant stones!