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Erik Stewart

Erik Stewart Jewelry is Art for the Body.

Consignment I am collaborating with Erik Stewart jewelry designer.

Erik is the mastermind behind Art for the Body, Erik and his beautiful wife and family are by his side for inspiration.

I will work with Erik to relay your real or imagined masterpiece into creation.

Erik is a very busy jeweler creating and making new pieces and being a present father and husband for his family so his designs come at an extended time frame and cost but anything at his level of creation should be paid for accordingly.

I will work with you on getting all the details and pictures if you have any through email or text and by phone, if needed in-between my busy life as a mother of two we will get a clear breakdown of what you wish to create.

I will lease back and forth with Erik on this until we have it all mapped out and he has a clear path to take to create your masterpiece.

Erik,s work will start at $10,000 US as he is located in the US $1000 for my consignment & $$ for the gemstones needed to make your creation and the cost of those will depend on what you will need to create your masterpiece.

I will work on that with you to find the perfect individual centerpiece stone, or many smaller stones to make up your creation.

Erik will need to be paid in different stages along the way to ensure his work can move forward for you.

I offer a few different payment plans & methods for my side of the payment for the gemstones needed and the consignment.

I offer AfterPay and Latitude Pay as payment methods.

I will pay for the shipping for the gemstones and for the shipping to and from Erik to you.

If you have any more questions about Erik Stewart please let me know as he has a long list of accolades that follow his amazing carrier as a jeweler and designer starting all the way back when he was 13 years old.


Erik Stewart

Erik Stewart Jewelry is Art for the Body.