Labradorite Gemstone Hearts I

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Loose Polished Natural Labradorite Stone For Jewelry Making, Meditation, Reiki Healing

Experience nature’s beauty with this genuine labradorite stone that is perfect for a variety of uses, effortlessly versatile with its size and dimensions. Smooth, buffed edges make this loose labradorite stone ideal for jewelry designs of your selection, or as an ornamental decor in any room that will reflect the light, adding a rustic feel.

Labradorite is a collector’s stone, shimmering with its cheerful rainbow of hues that are distinctive to this gem, called labradorescence. An intriguing fibrous body and striking growth patterns make every labradorite stone a treasure to cherish.

Labradorite is known as the transformative stone, which means it helps aid with difficulty in decision-making or stressful chapters in life that appear overwhelming. Labradorite’s remarkable presence helps to alleviate the stress that sudden change can bring and shield from any negative influences that may obstruct your path.

Labradorite is a relatively durable gemstone, hard enough to be utilized for frequent use without getting damaged. Enjoy your labradorite by taking care of it.

Please Note: Each labradorite stone is unique. This may lead to variances from the stone in the picture. All monitors are different, which may affect the colors, tone, and saturation of the stone.

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Dimensions 75 × 55 × .5 mm