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Genuine Loose Faceted Moldavite /Powerful Healing Tektite Meteorite

Moldavite is a remarkable, treasurable stone originating from meteorites approximately 15 million years ago. It is a naturally occurring glass.

Moldavite is highly sought after for its unique properties and striking appearance. Moldavite is the result of meteorites that collide with the earth’s surface, melting the rocks. Moldavite is anything but ordinary!

Moldavite most frequently exhibits a beautiful deep forest/olive green hue and may contain gas bubbles or inclusions that make each moldavite stone a collector’s item for gemstone enthusiasts. Although it is technically glass, many refer to this mesmerizing tektite as a gemstone and embrace its wondrous presence and color.

Experience the Power of Moldavite

Moldavite 15.12×10.13×7.34mm  (8.29ct)


Moldavite is a potent healing stone that removes negative energy and low vibrations, clearing the aura of psychic attacks. Moldavite eliminates stumbling blocks or troublesome situations that may occur when you are trying to achieve any goal or dream.

Carry and wear moldavite often and allow it to clear the path to any chosen destination on your life’s journey. Lab-Created Man-Made charged accordingly.