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January Birthstone

Add the January Birthstone to Your Gemstone Collection

Are you a creative, inspired by the fine art of jewellery making? Perhaps you’re a professional artisan looking for reliable gemstones to create your next show-stopping piece? We offer a wide range of crystals for those who appreciate the beauty of the natural world and aspire to incorporate gems in their ring, bracelet, earring, or necklace design.

We offer an abundance of precious stones, including but not limited to rocks specific to your birth month, from the intense red January birthstone to the turquoise December birthstone, zircon.

What You Can Expect From KittyCat Gems

Wherever your inspiration lies on the colour spectrum, we offer an array of shades of different hues so that whether you’re looking for subtlety or want to make a bold statement, you will find what you need for your next project. We also provide various cuts depending on your design. You’ll find gems suited for wire wrapping if you want to create an eccentric piece or shape that keeps the natural look of the stone. These are some of the ways that you’re spoilt for choice when you shop with us:

  • Colour variety. To inspire royalty in the wearer, we offer deep blue sapphire, the September birthstone. Other shades of blue that you can expect to find in our collection are aquamarine, the March birthstone reminiscent of a crystal blue sea, and the November birthstone topaz, which varies in intensity of colour.
  • Why not create a piece using exquisite emerald, the May birthstone. We have a range of white and light purple stones, characteristics of the June birthstone, which you can combine to represent the dual nature of Geminis born during this month. The red colour palette includes the ruby, the July birthstone, and the delicate pink tourmaline, the October birthstone.
  • Diversity of cuts. We also offer different shaped gemstones depending on your intended use of the stone. The cut of our gems is uniform which makes them easier to set into different jewellery designs. We offer various sized crystal forms such as oval and the Navette, which is oval-shaped but pointed at the ends for a more offbeat look. You’ll also find ball-shaped and fine round crystals in our range, where our collection also includes teardrop, heart, and rectangular-shaped gems. The unakite, turquoise, malachite, morganite, and lapis lazuli come in the noteworthy, trillion shape.
  • Exclusivity and quality. Whether you’ve designed a piece with a singular or multi-stone setting, each crystal is unique so that when combined with your artistry, it will create a rare piece that is the envy of all who see it.

What Sets KittyCat Gems Apart

We provide premium crystals to individuals open to the healing properties of gemstones but also to those who value the luxury of professionally cut stones.

These are some of the other ways we provide value to our clients:

  • Professionalism. We distinguish ourselves in a crowded market through our skill and industry experience. Our gems have been laboratory tested, so you can rest assured of the authenticity of your purchase.
  • Passionate. We accompany our dazzling jewels with the kind of service that ensures repeat business which we’re able to do because of the passion we have for our product.
  • Affordable. Our elegant gems are accessible to most jewellery makers with the many payment options we offer our customers. You can choose to buy now and pay later via interest-free payments. You also have the opportunity to pay via platforms such as PayPal. Free shipping is also available.

Interesting Facts About Some of Our Prized Jewels

Although we know that they come from the ground, we rarely stop to think about how the formation of gemstones happened in the first place. Below are some curious details about some of the rocks in our range:

  • Moldavite. This deep green tektite originates from meteorites that have collided with the earth’s surface approximately 15 million years ago.
  • Tanzanite. So named because of its origin, this variation of the zoisite mineral rates six to seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. Jewellery makers use this scale to identify minerals and their resistance to scratching and chipping where the stone is scratched against another substance of known hardness.
  • Aquamarine. This ocean blue stone is more durable than Tanzanite at seven and a half to eight on Mohs scale. It’s related to emerald and pink morganite from the mineral beryl.
  • Yellow diamond. Diamonds are the hardest of all minerals at 10 Mohs. They’re the most cherished of stones because their formation happened more than a billion years ago in extreme heat and intense pressure that you only find 161km underground. It’s only composed of carbon and atoms bonded the same way in all directions, making it all the more treasurable because of this unique quality. What gives diamonds their value is their clarity, colour, cut, purity, and weight measured in carats.

Why Trust KittyCat Gems?

We’re a family-owned business dedicated to supplying genuine and extraordinary jewels. So, whether you seek the healing properties of the precious stones the earth has gifted us with, or you simply want to enhance your collection of gems, we have the ideal piece for you.

Contact us for a reputable and exquisite product.