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Find the Right Tourmaline Gemstone for You

Black, pink, watermelon, brown or blue, a tourmaline gemstone will either speak to your third eye, root or heart chakra and keep you grounded, help overcome destructive habits and promote spiritual growth.

We bring you a few of the tourmalines to attract abundance into your life – whether you keep it in your handbag or pocket.

Tourmaline Stone Colours and Meaning

You may just really like creating personalised jewellery pieces and love the colours and hardiness of tourmaline. Or you are more interested in the said benefits they may hold for you:

  • Watermelon tourmaline. This colour just screams fresh and happy and is associated with the heart chakra and can even promote feelings of self-worth. You can use this stone to balance your chakras and charge it in the moonlight or cleanse it under water. Also, working with your heart chakra, green tourmaline is said to be good for overcoming jealousy, and it can help you with increased stamina when you need it most.
  • Dravite and black tourmaline. Working with your root chakra, the brown and the black colours may help you when you struggle to overcome bad habits or negativity in your life that are holding you back. It can also reduce anxiety and keep you grounded.
  • Blue tourmaline. Connected to your third eye and throat chakra, this stone is believed to promote spiritual growth and better intuition.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October, and you can make a friend or loved one’s birthday extra special by gifting them their birthstone.

Different Ways to Set Faceted Tourmaline

You may enjoy jewellery making and now wish to make a personalised piece by setting a quality gemstone. If you are just starting with jewellery making, here are a few ways in which you can set gems:

  • Bezel setting. This setting is the most common for gemstones. You want to set the rock securely, using the least amount of metal so the light can still hit the stone to bring it to its full potential. You will need a fine needle, pumice stones and a pumice wheel for the best results.
  • Prongs. Setting a gemstone this way is perfect for diamond shapes, but it needs to be fastened securely with the four prongs and the right tools to shape it, such as a brass pusher, setting burr and a cup burr.
  • We prefer our gems as natural as possible. You can use a few straightforward wiring techniques to turn a gemstone into a pendant, perfect for stones related to the heart chakra.

It doesn’t matter how creative you will get with the gemstones; our tourmaline for sale will meet your quality and shape requirements.

About KittyCat Gems

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Contact us if you have any queries about our gems or if you need advice on which ones will be best for your requirements.