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Emerald Birthstone

View Our Exclusive Line of Gemstones and Adorn Yourself with an Emerald Birthstone

Order your exquisitely designed emerald birthstone fashion accessory from our family-owned business and express your sense of style. The astrologers from long ago ascribed supernatural powers to gemstones, and they suggested folks should wear them for protection, optimum health, and good luck.

A History of the Emerald May Birthstone

We all wish for as much good fortune as we can secure. Why not obtain your top-quality birthstone, whether you believe in old-world soothsaying or not?

  • We currently associate a different birthstone with each month of the year than those the populace believed in centuries ago. The Book of Exodus describes the 12 jewels the High Priest of the Israelites displayed on his breastplate at that time.
  • Colour was a stone’s most significant aspect. People did not distinguish between a garnet and a ruby or ascribe distinct meanings to them. They also did not call gems by the same names we do today.
  • The emerald, one of Cleopatra’s favourite gemstones, is the May birthstone. The early Romans dedicated it to Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, and emeralds have symbolised rebirth and fertility for eons. Today, the emerald signifies patience, growth, and wisdom.

The word emerald derives from the “smaragdus”, which means “green” in Greek. Many believe it confers youth, good fortune, and foresight to those lucky enough to have been born in May.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Emerald Birthstone Month?

Discover our top-quality selection if you are looking for a distinctive gift, collect gemstones, or make and sell jewellery. We provide exclusive gems and aim to create trust-based, long-term relationships with our loyal customers.

  • Become inspired by our magnificently cut, trendsetting precious stones. Wear, display, or incorporate them when you invent pieces your clients admire and wish to own. We offer stellar, professional customer service and elegant, high-end products.
  • We design and construct select limited-edition commodities in a recognised signature style to ensure our consumers feel emboldened and wear our fashion statements with confidence. We devote ourselves to exquisite artisanship to create striking, one-of-a-kind luxury pieces.
  • A birthstone is a unique gift that is personal to the receiver as it connects to the loved one’s birth month. It means so much when someone spends the time and energy to find the fitting stone just for you. A birthstone offers helpful zodiac powers and the healing qualities allied with it.
  • Whether raw or polished, the emerald you select for an exceptional individual can become a dazzling bespoke jewellery item that catches the eye and empowers the wearer.

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