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Sapphire Stone

Sapphire Stone: Just One of the Unique Gemstones Available

KittyCat Gems is an online store with a selection of exquisite gemstones suitable for all your pursuits in jewellery, art, energy work, or any other creative, artistic, or energy-based purpose. If you see beauty everywhere and love surrounding yourself with beautiful things, you will congratulate yourself on finding this store—you have found a gem, indeed!

Buy a tourmaline, tanzanite, or sapphire stone for yourself or a loved one, or browse our amethyst, garnet, or sapphire precious stones. Use your powers of persuasion to suggest to someone special that they should pop the question with a sapphire gemstone set in an engagement ring. If your mom’s birthday is in September, you can spoil her with a sapphire birthstone pendant.

Most of our items are one-off or limited-edition pieces, so you will have a truly unique piece of jewellery that reflects your individuality. We stock only high-quality precious or semi-precious stones sourced from all over the world with a money-back guarantee. Each stone is carefully cut to enhance its natural reflective properties, colours, and other qualities. There are many options for setting gemstones into jewellery and artworks, using them in energy work, keeping them as lucky charms, or just displaying them for their beauty.

Colours to Inspire

Be inspired by our beautiful gemstones, and let their colours stimulate your creativity. You will be enthralled by the way that their inner facets reflect the light and make them sparkle as though they are alive. See just a few of the stunning options below:

  • The Lapis Lazuli is a uniquely coloured stone that you can use in jewellery design, art projects, or wherever else your creativity leads you.
  • The Peridot stone, which is light green in colour, is cut with uniform dimensions and is a versatile size, making it ideal to include in bezel, prong, basket, or channel settings. The more adventurous jewellery designer can use it in wire-wrapped creations to show off its perfect details.
  • If you thought you could only buy sapphire stones in blue, think again. They are available in pink, green, and even peach, and the shades of blue extend from sky blue to cornflower blue to navy blue.

The Story Behind KittyCat Gems

KittyCat Gems is the realisation of the owner’s dream, started in 2014 by a woman who loves jewellery and design and knows that there are many others like her: passionate, creative women who seek beauty in their lives. If you are inspired by style, not just fashion, and understand the value of timeless elegance, then our stones are for you.

  • We provide an exclusive collection of gemstones that will encourage positive energy and self-expression within you, your environment, and the people around you. We invite you to view our diamond, fluorite, hessonite, aquamarine, and sapphire for sale and be captured by their charm.
  • We allow our customers to feel empowered and be inspired by our stones as they themselves inspire and motivate others with their uniqueness and positivity.
  • We uphold our reputation as a supplier of only high-quality stones. We deliver professionalism and faultless customer service to our clients, whom we know will return.

Why Choose Us?

KittyCat Gems stocks unique precious and semi-precious stones of the highest quality, which are easy to choose and order online. We have a secure payment facility and back all our stones with a guarantee. We make it convenient for you to own these treasures with our Afterpay option: you can spread your payment over four months.

Contact us today and take advantage of free delivery throughout Australia.