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We are committed to providing an exclusive line of stylish gemstones, especially designed and crafted for people who look for positive energy and enjoy expressing themselves through fashion accessories that match their unique lifestyle.

It’s our aim to be your brand of choice when it comes to gems and to develop long-term, and trust-based relationships with our strong base of loyal customers.


Becoming a trendsetter in our industry, empowering our appreciated customers with positive vibes and accessories that allow them to inspire, and be inspired by what they wear.

We look forward to building our success and reputation based on a solid set of values, such as quality, professionalism, and stellar customer service.

Why us?

We know that when it comes to gems, there are lots of options out there. That’s why at KittyCat Gems we design and manufacture exclusive, limited edition products that not only scream quality but also have their own signature style that you can easily recognize across the room.

We believe self-confidence is a right, and with that conviction in mind, we decided to create a product line that helps our valued customers feel empowered and inspired every time they wear one of our gems, so they can sparkle brighter than ever.

Our expertise in luxury fashion, as well as our unnegotiable passion for craftsmanship, means every single one of our products is a one-of-a-kind piece. The final result is an original, premium quality fashion statement that will easily stand out from the crowd and exceed your expectations.

Check our catalog and start getting inspired today!

Brand Narrative

It all started out of my long-time passion for jewelry. For quite some years, I had this dream to sell gemstones but never got to materialize it, until one day I decided to finally step up and do it.

Our focus is not to just offer products, but a whole empowering and energetic experience for all our customers who search for inspiration, fashion, and elegance. We’re all about creating unique designs to make our jewelry beautiful, eyecatching, and most of all, unique for all our customers.

That’s how KittyCat Gems was born, as a project meant to create a trend towards believing in yourself, by carrying something with you that serves as a constant reminder that confidence is a right, as well as a choice. Something that cuts through the everyday noise and brings mental clarity, peace, courage, and motivation, so that you can reach your full potential, and motivate others at the same time.